Health for the Professional Woman

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Here’s what you need to know!

I am on a mission to help Professional Women feel more energized, more vibrant and at their healthiest, all while juggling a career, family and life. This community is about offering you only the most relevant, evidenced-based health and lifestyle information. NO B.S here. No useless cash grabs. Only real, actionable, practical suggestions that fit into your busy life!


Why Me

I healed myself with evidence-based natural therapies

As a child I was chronically ill, with ear infections, pneumonia, digestive issues and joint pain. Whatsmore is that in my adolescent years this continued to progress into chronic fatigue, weight loss resistance and hormonal havoc! All of this turned around when I found Naturopathic Medicine and applied evidence based treatments into my daily life.


I walk the talk and have the resources to prove it!

Having spent over 10 years on my own health journey I have developed the tips and tricks you need to make your transition into health as simply as possible! I am committed to educating, inspiring and empowering you with easy to follow online programs and menu plans, substitutions and swaps for modified diets and evidence based, supportive treatment plans.

I KNOW you can feel better.

We are a team. And together we’ve got this! I believe in a non-dogmatic, collaborative approach to health. I will meet you where you are at, understand your biggest health obstacles and help you find realistic solutions that fit into your busy schedule. Now I am not saying that this will not take time, but when we work together you can see results!


What to Expect

Aside from having improved energy, better digestion, happy hormones and glowing skin?

Your first appointment will include a thorough intake, physical exam and select in office testing. A plan will then be assembled for you that includes individualized nutrition and supplement protocols that are based on your individual needs. I believe in using the highest quality products and testing to offer the highest quality treatment and fastest results.

You will also have my continued support through this process, as I believe that we all need support in order to be at our best selves. I know that I did along my health journey.

What not to expect are any surprises. All recommendations will be fully discussed, understood and agreed upon! You will never get anything that you don’t need!


How to Stay in Touch if you’re are not in Toronto?

Make sure to Like my Facebook page and follow me there for the latest updates on programs offered and health tips and tricks. AMA sessions (ask me anything) will be a great time for you to get basic health questions answered and other Freebies are posted here as well.